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May 262016

Imagine twenty years after your wedding, your grandchildren ask to see your wedding photos. What will you show them? A CD or USB drive that might be outdated? A post on facebook, instagram, or twitter? Wouldn’t it be better or more nostalgic to have a beautiful album to proudly display your cherished memories? Every couple should definitely have an album or coffee table book, as they are enduring mementos to help keep the memories of your special day alive in beautiful, artistic form. After the cake is eaten, toasts are given, the bridal attire is taken off, and the decor taken down, all you have left are your albums and photobooks as physical evidence to recall the colors, emotions, and memories from your wedding day or special occasion. You can share this heirloom with your grandchildren in a way that digital files cannot. Each Vintage Noire album or photobook is exquisitely custom designed by our graphic artist, so you’ll never see two books exactly alike. You may also request special wording and/or special design features to make your album uniquely yours.

Album pricing ranges from $200-$2000, based on the quality of the book, the type of paper, size, type of cover options selected, and the number of sides. At Vintage Noire, we try to offer a range of albums to fit every budget, while providing excellent quality. Albums usually take 4-12 weeks to produce and print after the order is placed. Couples should pick 10-20 must have images from their online wedding galleries, and the photographer may recommend the others. Couples will have online proofing approval of the design and album layout before the album is printed, during which time pictures and layouts can often be changed within a designated number business days, free of charge. Call us at 888-905-0045 or email us at to ask about any of these albums, or to place your orders. We work with professional photographers and traditional clients to design custom albums and photobooks.

***Please note that often when discussing albums and photobooks, album makers refer to number of sides instead of pages. A traditional page is comprised of two sides, front and back. A spread covers two adjacent sides, with the content or picture flowing across the margins. The spread may have a small gap (gutter) between pages or have a seamless appearance.
Glossy photos have a shiny, reflective appearance, while matte photos present flat, non-reflective photo surfaces (less sun glare).

Types of Photobooks and Albums


Photo Book: Photobooks, sometimes called coffee table books, are comprised of wafer thin pages that are book or library bound and often do not lay flat. The effect is similar to a magazine or yearbook. Photobooks are often good options for guest books or memory books.
Our custom designed coffee table book is color photo-wrapped or leather bound with a hard cover and includes full page photographs. The book can be upgraded with additional pages or more pictures per page. This makes a great guestbook or memory book.

metal cover

The Layflat, Flush-mounted Wedding Album: This album is called flush-mounted because it is comprised of thick pages and high quality photo paper glued to cardstock. It lays flat when you open it. The photo ink is of a higher quality than photobooks. Cover choices include photo-wrapped, leather (with the option of a cut out picture), metallic, acryllic, wood, or fabrics like linen. This album usually comes standard with 20 sides.

priscilla foster

Vintage Album: This handmade vintage inspired fabric (usually silk or linen) covered album includes single photos on each page interwoven with protective glassine or glossy pages that are water and grease resistant. The book is bound with luxurious silk ribbon.This album is truly a top of the line stunner.


Neoclassic Flushmount :
One of the most luxurious of books, this album features vibrant, bold 6 color printing (traditional printers usually use 4 color ink, so 6 color printing offers a richer range of dynamic colors), and thick, glossy or matte pages. There is the option of a customizable, photo album box/case.

presentation asuka

Presentation mini album/CD/DVD case: This lovely keepsake includes a small 5×8, 8-12 side mini album insert, a box, plus a slot for a usb drive or cd.


Matted Albums: These albums are traditional in style and include single size pictures encased in white, black, or gray mats (card stock borders). The edges of the pages can be gilded in gold, silver, blue, red, or purple.

Album boxes can be custom designed cases that beautifully protect your albums. They are made to fit the size of your album. You have a choice of photo covered, acrylic, wood, fabric, etc.

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