Charleston Multicultural Bridal and Events Association
Jan 262014


o Remember to bring a nice hanger or stylish garment bag to display your gorgeous wedding dress to best advantage.

o Consider having a long, trailing veil or stunning jewelry or accessories to make for dramatic pictures of a sure to be exquisite bride.

o Consider a first look before the ceremony, either between bride and groom, or to add a new twist, between father and daughter. These pictures make for some of the most heartwarming and they allow for a special, quiet moment between loved ones before the hustle and bustle of the rest of the day.

o Try for a long slow kiss or several kisses and embraces once the officiant pronounces you husband and wife, so that your photographers can capture this most special of moments and you have a kaleidoscope of images of the first moments of your life as a married couple.

o Let your photographers know if you have a special first dance, dip, or special entrance into the reception planned, so that every moment can be recorded and stored away for future memories, without skipping a beat.

o Remember to fake toss your bouquet at least once before you really throw it to your adoring single lady friends. It ups the ante in terms of the excitement and anticipation of the crowd, and the wonderful expressions on the bride’s face are not to be missed.

o Be sure to think about what kind of exit you would like from your wedding. It could be the couple leaving with friends and family showering them with a spray of bubbles or rose petals, the couple rushing underneath a military Saber Arch, a London bridge, or sparklers. Or the crowd could be cheering as bride and groom exit for a carriage or yacht ride. As an old school throwback, the couple can leave the reception and drive off in style with bottles or cans tied to the getaway car. Whatever your exit is, just make it memorable and heart felt.

o Don’t forget to include your photographers in your reception meal count, so they don’t have to leave the premises for an hour or more and lose valuable shooting time.