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The Charleston Multicultural Bridal and Events Association (CMBEA) was formed to provide a portal for brides, event organizers, and the general public to connect with multicultural vendors in the Charleston area who are committed to the highest levels of customer service, professionalism, and integrity. CMBEA promotes greater awareness of the multicultural vendor presence in Charleston, and supports the networking initiatives, marketing strategies, and professional development of its members, striving all the while to raise the level of education in the bridal and special events industry.

Membership Information
To be a member of CMBEA is nothing short of an absolute honor. This association represents the outstanding multicultural talents who provide superior service and unequaled professionalism in Charleston’s wedding and events industry. Membership within this wonderful association includes, but is not limited to:
*A CMBEA website profile with biography, description of business, up to three images, and links to website and blog
*Access to CMBEA networking events and the option to sponsor networking events
*Access to a national audience through various national partnerships
*Access to client lead lists and referrals generated through the website and other vendors
*Discounted rates for members to attend CMBEA sponsored training and educational programs in the event planning and bridal industry
*All members are required to adhere to a strict, but fair code of ethics.
*HTML Code for the CMBEA logo to be displayed on your website

***All members must agree to and abide by the CMBEA Code of Ethics.

How To Become A Member of CMBEA
The membership process is divided into two steps:

Step 1. (Online Application Submission)
An applicant must pay the annual membership fee of $100 (paypal link found at the top of this page). Next the applicant must fill out an online membership application. The e-application will then be reviewed by the CMBEA Membership Selection Committee. ALL REFERENCES WILL BE CONTACTED! Once the Membership Selection Committee submits their approval/disapproval to the CMBEA founders, the applicant will be notified by the founders on what decision was made. This process can take up to 2 weeks. Upon approval, the applicant will move on to Step 2.
Should the applicant be denied membership, the applicant will be provided a thorough explanation as to why the decision was made and what measures should be taken to gain approval. The applicant will be allowed to have the committee review the application a maximum of 2 additional times. The applicant will then have to wait for a minimum of 1 year before seeking membership into CMBEA. CMBEA strives to encourage vendor development and growth. Therefore, unless the potential member “steps up” his/her overall business portfolio, the association will not promote them. Members MUST meet and maintain our high standards.

Step 2. (Creation of CMBEA Profile)
Upon successfully gaining approval for membership, the new member will be e-mailed a link to create their profile on CMBEA’s website and html coding to proudly display CMBEA’s logo on your website. The new member will be given a maximum of 2 weeks to complete Step 2 of this process. THE NEW MEMBER WILL NOT BE ELIGBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY CMBEA SPONSORED EVENTS UNTIL STEP 2 HAS BEEN COMPLETED.

Once Step 2 is completed, the new member will be mailed a membership package containing a certificate of membership and other rewarding items.

If you are serious about being recognized on a national level for being a part of Charleston’s Wedding and Special Events Multicultural Elite Vendors, click the image below and apply for membership. We would love to have outstanding businesses like you stand amongst us.
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