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Sep 282012

Going to the Chapel, But at What Time?
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Although traditional times for weddings often fall between 1-4 pm, as you plan your upcoming nuptials, consider mixing things up a bit and having an early morning or evening ceremony time.

There are many benefits to a morning wedding. You can spend the entire day celebrating with family and friends and enjoy the early morning sunshine. Since venues are often rented for the entire day, why not enjoy as much time in your beautiful venue as possible? Consider that a wedding at dawn may have a romantic, dreamy element as you symbolically start your new lives at the beginning of a new day. Pastel or softer colors may be shown to best advantage in the early morning. You might also save on catering costs, as breakfast or brunch menus may be less expensive than dinner. Also, particularly during the summer months, an early morning ceremony may give you and your guests some relief from the blistering heat of later in the day.

Evening weddings after 6 p.m. can have a sophisticated, adult feel. You can indulge in an after dark speak easy inspired wedding. Or plan themed evening balls or masquerades or add a Mardi Gras vibe, and encourage guests to “Laissez les bons temps rouler!”
You might also feature a fairy tale theme to good advantage, re-envisioning yourself as princesses Cinderella or Tiana. Your glorious princess or ballroom gown will look fabulous in the candlelight, and you will swoon when you see how suave and handsome your groom is in his formal tuxedo. Ring in the New Year with a late night ceremony that is followed by a spectacular fireworks display. You may also add exotic liquor flavors to your wedding cake to emphasize the “after hours” adult vibe. An intimate, sit down dinner sets just the right tone for an evening wedding reception.

As you contemplate these fun suggestions for nontraditional wedding times, just remember that by moving away from the expected, you add a sense of uniqueness and flair that your guests will rave about long after your wedding.

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