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Apr 042017

Contributor: Vintage Noire Photography

Of the myriad of things that a bride and groom to be think of when planning their special day, strategizing about how to achieve beautiful pictures on their wedding day is something not to be overlooked. It goes without question that a lot of thought should go into picking the photographer with the skill set, technical expertise, personality, and package options that are most appealing and suitable for your needs. Yet, you should also consider consulting with your photographer on not just the poses and products that you desire. You should have a serious discussion between you, your photographer, as well as your planner about how to create the optimal environment for picture perfect wedding shots. Here are five (5) tips to incorporate in your wedding photography planning. We hope you enjoy these, and we will post more tips in the upcoming weeks.
1. When you select a venue for your wedding, be sure to think of lighting. Pick a venue with good available natural lighting, if at all possible. Consider outdoor venues or venues with a good number of windows. Atriums are also good choices. Natural lighting helps with achieving sharp pictures with rich colors and contrast. Natural light is also very flattering to skin tones. If it is not possible to pick a venue with good natural lighting, plan on an outdoor session as part of your after ceremony shots.
2. Remember that the best times of day to take pictures are early in the morning right after sunrise or right before sunset, during the blue or golden hours. Since most weddings are in the afternoons and evenings, be sure to allot 30-45 minutes near sunset for your photographer to capture some special outdoor moments between bride and groom.
3. For gorgeous night time shots, string lighting and professional uplighting are excellent choices to incorporate as part of your wedding decor. Also see if your photographer has portable lighting that he/she might consider bringing to the venue for the reception. (There may be an extra charge for this.) Photographers can do wonders with extra flashes,strobes, video lights, and LED lights.
4. Be sure to consider the backdrops for your pictures. Flower gardens, trees, and water views make good backgrounds for pictures. Look for venues with interesting architecture and character details such as spiral staircases, cherry wood paneled walls, beautiful mirrors, textured walls, artwork, stained glass windows, aged barn doors, and vintage or ultra mod furniture.
5. If you are strapped for time with a tight wedding day schedule, or if the weather was inclement on your wedding day, consider an outdoor after wedding session that allows you and your fiancé an excuse to don your wedding clothes a day or two, or even a few weeks after the wedding, and capture those romantic, relaxed, intimate photographs that you often do not have time to take during the hustle and bustle of your wedding day.
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