Charleston Multicultural Bridal and Events Association
Jul 252013

CMBEA is proud to announce that we have become an Affiliate Chapter of the National Multicultural Events and Wedding Society, formerly the National Black Bridal Association. This collaborative partnership will allow for more national exposure for our organization, additional client leads, and vendor outreach. More information will follow in the near future.

Rationale and Mission for the National Multicultural Events and Wedding Society:

“Why the National MEW Society?

The events and wedding industry is transforming into a mixed and diverse audience. According to, weddings will be 55% multicultural and events will need to address specialized niche markets. To meet this need, the National MEW Society will provide “one-stop” services/products for events/weddings, provide expert education and business development marketing in order to sustain success in these niche markets. By 2020, these markets will become the majority. In state chapters, our organization provides world-class society of event, wedding professionals, businesses, suppliers and best in class properties and hotels.

Our mission is clear: To influence revenue growth and exposure, for our members, while celebrating cultural event & wedding success

How We Support Our Community:

Central our ‘Buying” Power – By centralizing our resources; we can increase the value of our dollars to purchase products or services. Consumers, partners and businesses can rest assured that our members will deliver the highest level of customer service and product execution. With “best in class” CVB’s and property partners, we are committed to multicultural successes in these growing niche markets.

Positive Influences – We create and elevate the experiences of the cultural events and social planning markets with national marketing, alliances and magazine campaigns.

Sharing Best Practices – Our members and industry experts provide proven knowledge to empower small to large businesses catered to the multicultural wedding market.

Excellence in Education – Through our programs, we provide tools and processes to execute business performance and success for companies and business owners.

Great Collaboration & Mentoring – We encourage high collaboration with fellow partners and members by creating regional networking opportunities, conferences and workshops.

Specifically, National MEWS Society believes in the numbers. Growing niche markets is exactly who we target and work for. ”


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