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May 312018

2017 Best of Awards

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May 312018

See Sonia’s blog of her time in California, as she mastered her lashing techniques here: Sonia’s Blog

Sonia Elliott-Johnson, First Recipient of the CMBEA DC Professional Development Scholarship: California Dreaming
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May 262016

Imagine twenty years after your wedding, your grandchildren ask to see your wedding photos. What will you show them? A CD or USB drive that might be outdated? A post on facebook, instagram, or twitter? Wouldn’t it be better or more nostalgic to have a beautiful album to proudly display your cherished memories? Every couple [Click here to read more…]

Albums and photobooks
Dec 262015

We would like to congratulate the winners of CMBEA’s 2015 BEST OF People’s Choice Award. These individuals have been proven by public opinion that their superior services, outstanding products, and overall superb business ethics are what it takes to be acknowledged as successful and trusted vendors. 2015 CMBEA Icon Award DeBorah Green of DeBorah’s Bridal [Click here to read more…]

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Jun 162014

Even though torrential rains the day before the wedding threatened to dampen their ceremony, nothing could take away from the joy and happiness of Ron and Shawnta. Ron is an IT specialist and Shawnta is a supervisor at Verizon. Their love shown through to brighten the day for family and friends. We loved their Pretty [Click here to read more…]

Shawnta & Rontonio's Island House Wedding
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Jun 122014

Recently we at CMBEA had the pleasure of meeting Bridgette Bartlett, founder of Black Bridal Bliss, the ultimate online destination for black brides. We tremendously enjoyed getting to know Bridgette, a newlywed herself who married Anthony Royall in Charlotte, N.C. in October 2013. During our two hour interview, we learned a lot about her, and [Click here to read more…]

Bridgette Bartlett-Royall, founder of Black Bridal Bliss, visits Charleston
Jan 262014

o Remember to bring a nice hanger or stylish garment bag to display your gorgeous wedding dress to best advantage. o Consider having a long, trailing veil or stunning jewelry or accessories to make for dramatic pictures of a sure to be exquisite bride. o Consider a first look before the ceremony, either between bride [Click here to read more…]

Vintage Noire Blog: Things to plan with your photographer to help capture perfect shots
Nov 022013

Shawnta and Rontonio are huge fans of the movie Harlem Nights, so we channeled the 1920’s and 1930’s Jazz Age vibe in their retro engagement session at Waterfront Park in downtown Charleston, S.C. We also added a modern flair to the second half of the e-session, so we achieved the best of both worlds in [Click here to read more…]

Shawnta +Rontonio--Engagement session at Waterfront Park, Charleston, SC
Apr 042013

Wedding Photography Planning Contributor: Vintage Noire Photography Of the myriad of things that a bride and groom to be think of when planning their special day, strategizing about how to achieve beautiful pictures on their wedding day is something not to be overlooked. It goes without question that a lot of thought should go into [Click here to read more…]

Wedding Photography Planning
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Sep 272012

When you are thinking about the design for your wedding cake, consider adding a bit of lowcountry flavor to the design. Have your cake artist create a sweetgrass basket design for your layered confection or incorporate sea shells and sand to give a beachy feel. You could also create a cake masterpiece¬† around¬†¬† lowcountry favorites [Click here to read more…]

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