Charleston Multicultural Bridal and Events Association

CMBEA Code of Ethics


All members of CMBEA will agree to the following:

Codes of Ethics:
1. I pledge to represent myself and my business with integrity and honesty.
2. I pledge to provide high quality professional services to my clients at all times.
3. I pledge to maintain high professional standards by continuing my professional development and education in my field, keeping up to date with innovations in the field.
4. I pledge to respond to all customer inquiries with three (3) days, but normally within 24 hours.
5. I pledge to be upfront and transparent with pricing and details of all contract agreements.
6. I pledge to explain my services to clients in clear, layman’s language and answer any questions they might have truthfully, courteously, and promptly.
7. I pledge to be respectful and courteous to clients, fellow CMBEA members, and the general public.
8. I pledge to accurately represent my credentials and qualifications at all times to clients, and if I am unable to provide a service, I will recommend the appropriate vendors from CMBEA when possible.
9. I pledge to maintain the trust of my clients and fellow CMBEA members and respect their right to confidentiality in all communications.
10. I pledge to protect the public from fraud and unfair practices and will disengage myself from any parties or activities that might discredit the profession.
11. I pledge not to be party to agreements which unfairly limit or restrain access to the marketplace by any other wedding or event professional, client or to the public, based on race, creed, color, sex, age, physical disability or country of origin.
12. I pledge to always promote the CMBEA when asked.
13. I pledge to actively participate in a minimum of 2 CMBEA sponsored events annually.
14. I understand that only designated CMBEA officials can make agreements/arrangements with members or outside parties in behalf of CMBEA.
15. I pledge to actively participate in a least one CMBEA committee. (Cannot miss more than 20% of the meeting set and agreed upon by the committee.)

Sanctions if the Code of Ethics is violated:
1. Your membership will be placed on probation and reviewed by the CMBEA Policy Conformance Committee. Upon review of the violation, a signed letter stating the violation, probationary period requirements for membership reinstatement, and the duration of the period will be delivered to you via standard mail and/or emails. During this time period you will not be allowed to claim affiliation or use benefits of being a member.
2. If the requirements for reinstatement are met within the probationary period, your membership will be reinstated.
3. If the requirements for reinstatement are not met within the probationary period, membership within CMBEA will be revoked for a minimum of one year from the date in which the infraction occurred.

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